A clear objective is to guarantee through the Integral Mantenance of Building plan the total management of the buildings or offices that the COMPANY has dispersed in different geographical areas.

Guaranteeing the life of the buildings with general maintenance services and taking advantage of the synergies that are implemented, we jointly manage those services that are called “common elements”.

These are the ones that the community needs but that do not interrupt their “core business” such as cleaning, security, gardening, disinfection, waste management, reception or any other added value.

The management of an Consultant external or Auditor allows the knowledge of the facilities as well as the ability to adopt measures adjusted to the client and their real needs and never in a standard way.

The capacity and resolution of a building data system using a CMMS program, allows to adopt measures guaranteeing 100% compliance with the maintenance plan and common elements services.


Services Auditors

  • Implant project management.
  • Outplant outsourcing of SSGG.
  • Quality control outplant.
  • Adaptation of resources and resources to new needs.
  • Contract compliance and medium-term results.
  • Mechanization of current services.

Media Consultants

  • External service manager.
  • Guarantees of implementation of services.
  • Control and auditing of suppliers.
  • General services management and optimization tenders.
  • Current SSGG.
  • Current resources and needs.
  • Cost optimization.
  • Location and implementation of new SSGG

Business Outsorcing

  • Outsourcing of all non-corporate processes in offices and buildings.
  • Localization of external suppliers and direct contracting by the client.