What is FM

Pioneering entity acting as a single platform of External General Services Administrators & Integral Maintenance of Buildings and offices, which acts throughout the territory. With the aim of managing, implementing and providing a multiplicity of services from those activities of our clients that are not their core business.
We unify the services so that you will only have a single interlocutor – External Implant & internal – streamlining, optimizing costs and achieving results resulting from the implementation of quality systems homologous to their activities.

What does FM mean and guarantee?

Facility Management is a model of management of real estate resources of companies that aims to permanently adapt them to the organization and team of companies at the lowest possible cost, by integrating all management responsibilities on said resources in the figure of the Facility Manager

We guarantee

  • Correct execution of contracted providers and/or services as Facility Management & Services ensures and audits compliance, and therefore our results are based on objective performance.
  • It will not be necessary for each exercise to have to locate its best external provider, and therefore spend time exposing and reducing costs, and then implanting its needs 100%.
  • We will be your service administrator and we guarantee you during the life of the contract its correct execution and satisfaction; otherwise we spend our time looking for alternatives.
  • A single interlocutor, Facility Management & Services will know all the centers and not only from a written project, but from a real vision of all of them regardless of the physical location.
  • All service providers are approved before, during and after (ADD system), that is, we ensure compliance, otherwise in the single permanent audit system (SAPU) we will inform the client of the corrective action and the Proposal: You decide.
  • You are the architect is your decision: we give you the tools or you participate in the current portfolio.

It is not FM target

A clear objective is to facilitate our clients the management of external services that are not their main activity, so we can not:

  • To be simple subcontractors of external suppliers.
  • Being contracted for the management of activities and not contributing before starting synergies, not detecting improvements and in the continuity phase not acting as partners of our client.
  • Do not get involved in work methods, continuity of training, personnel of each activity and obviate that during the years of the contract the situation and needs can change our client.
  • Not to recognize the errors that can be detected in day-to-day management, and not to transfer to the client any benefit resulting from applying any improvement.

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