Facility Management & Services

Pioneering entity acting as the only platform of External Administrators of General Services & Integral Maintenance of Buildings and Offices, which operates throughout the territory. With the aim of managing, implementing and providing a multiplicity of services for those activities of our clients that are not their core business .
We unify the services so that only one interlocutor will be available – External and internal implant – streamlining, optimizing costs and achieving results from the implementation of equal quality systems in their activities .

By providing tools, our client is the architect of their needs :

Discover because Facility Management & Services is the most valuable company added

Professional Facility Management

Famase professionals & partners are made up of a multidisciplinary team that has extensive experience in projects of different types adapted to the needs of our clients.

Our Partners

References from well-done work. Collaboration with each of our partners results in an improvement in our processes which results in a better treatment and professionalism .

Management of non-corporate processes in offices and buildings.

We guarantee the life of buildings with general maintenance services.

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What we offer

Our Services

Our Services

As Platform for Management and detection of business needs, external services and non-productive processes, we apply synergies between all activities with the aim of implementing improvements, reducing costs and providing services for those activities of our clients that are not core business.

What we guarantee

What we guarantee

Correct execution of suppliers and / or contracted services as Facility Management & Services ensures and audits compliance, and therefore our results are based on objective performance . You are the architect and it is your decision: we give you the tools or you participate in the current portfolio.

Project & Management

Project & Management

Guaranteeing the life of the buildings with general maintenance services and taking advantage of the synergies that are implemented, we jointly manage those services that are called common elements . These are the ones that the community needs but do not interrupt their core business .

Where to find us

Where to find us

The head office is located in the so-called district 22 @ , the new business hub of Barcelona. A modernized and easily accessible area that has become a benchmark for business logistics. You will get advice and telephone service from our professionals: +34 902 020 624

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